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In our busy twenty-first-century lives, the quiet moment seems a rare luxury, indeed.  Days brimming with deadlines, papers, traffic, lists, appointments, bills, and phone calls spill into nights when our minds just don’t shut off.  Far from being an extravagance, however, moments of quiet rest are essential to our physical and mental well-being.   Meditation is outstanding as a safe, pleasant, effective way to wind down, relax, and rejuvenate.  It has many benefits for our long-term health, such as release of tension and stress, easing of anxiety, greater patience and calmness, a more peaceful outlook on life, and greater alertness and productivity.

The Lotus and the Rose offers beginning and advanced classes in Meditation and Spiritual Development for individuals and groups.

Meditation classes available

Cultivating Calmness

Learn easy, practical breathing and meditation techniques from various sources to help you release stress, let go of tension, and reset your mental and emotional balance. Includes visualizations, mantras, and energy-sensing techniques.  One 3-hour session.

Meditation Classes

Learn easy, practical meditation techniques from a variety of sources for stress reduction, increased alertness, greater productivity and creativity.  One 2-hour class weekly for 5 weeks.

For more meditation classes, see listings under Spiritual Development.

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