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Through deep physical and mental relaxation you access the light of your higher self, which guides you in exploring the subconscious causes* of a particular physical, mental, or emotional problem, pattern, challenge, or situation.  Through guided imagery and suggestion, you clear the underlying patterns or energy blocks that have been hampering your life.  Clients experience a great sense of release, freedom, joy, and empowerment as well as profound insights into their personal consciousness.  Sessions usually last between two and three hours, with the length of time depending on the nature and depth of the problem.

"Pathway to Light"

Marybeth has been practicing hypnosis and past-life regression since 1994.  She is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Each hypnotherapy session is customized to provide you with the maximum wholistic healing of any persistent difficulty you are experiencing.  Sessions are also available in all of the following broad areas of emotional/spiritual imbalance:

Deep Relaxation
Healing with Light and Color
Healing the Emotions
Coping with Stress and Anxiety
Prosperity Consciousness
Breathing and Circulating Energy

Hypnotherapy and
  Energy Restructure Workshops

The following classes can be presented either as a group seminar or as a private class, unless otherwise specified.

Self-hypnosis for Pain Control and Healing

Learn powerful techniques for deep relaxation, calmness, and pain-control, as well as methods for mental, emotional, and physical healing.  You’ll also learn what hypnosis is and why it works; the four levels of the mind; the relationships among soul, emotions, mind, and body.  

Program Yourself for Prosperity

Release subconscious roadblocks to prosperity; create a positive, receptive
attitude; and expand your experience of abundance.  The session uses guided imagery, hypnotherapy and Energy Restructure to help you release mental or emotional resistance to prosperity and re-program yourself for abundance.

Energy-Restructure ‘Joyshop’

What’s it like to feel joy in every cell of your body?  Experience the joy that fills you up when you let go of resistance and let in the SOUL—Source of Unconditional Love.  This class is offered as a group experience only.  Three-person minimum.

Healing Your Fears

Hypnotherapy and Energy Restructure help you identify and clear subconscious fears that have been causing adverse conditions or experiences in your life and relationships.  Many of our internal stresses arise from fears about safety and belonging, or--perceived from the opposite side--from subconscious fears about death and abandonment.  We fear that we are not enough and that if we’re not careful to hide that shameful “fact,” someone might notice and expose our vulnerability.   Sometimes a series of successes can even be undermined by one event viewed as a failure.  This workshop or private session focuses on helping you connect with your inner light and value at a deep spiritual level and transform your fears into feelings of profound worthiness, joy, and personal power.

* For an explanation of subconscious causes, see Energy Restructure page, first paragraph under the “Prairie Smoke” photograph

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